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PoshPost offers simple, reliable, and sustainable shipping, exclusively available to the Poshmark community in partnership with Canada Post.


Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, PoshPost provides you with shipping that is:

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Posh Tip: If you have reusable shipping materials, such as boxes from previous packages, use them! Be sure to remove or cover up any previous labels before shipping.

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Carbon-Neutral Shipping

Sustainability is our priority. That’s why we are proud to partner with Canada Post to help further reduce our environmental impact.

Emissions Calculated

For every tonne of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) generated by Poshmark shipments,

Emissions Offset

Canada Post will remove one tonne of CO2e from the atmosphere by purchasing high-quality, verified and accredited carbon offsets.

Emissions Neutralized

The environmental projects supported by carbon offset purchases remove the same amount of carbon from the atmosphere generated by the Poshmark delivery.


  • Who pays for shipping on Poshmark?
    Shipping is paid for by the buyer and covers packages up to 2.5 kg. If an order is more than 2.5 kg, the seller is responsible for upgrading the shipping label.
  • What are the shipping rates on Poshmark?
    All Poshmark orders are shipped using Canada Post Expedited Parcel for a flat rate of C$12.49 + applicable taxes paid for by the buyer.
  • What boxes can I use to ship my packages?
    You can use any box or envelope to ship your sales. We encourage you to reuse shipping boxes from previous packages to help reduce waste. Just be sure to remove or cover up any previous labels prior to shipping.
  • Where can I learn more about carbon-neutral shipping with Canada Post?
    For more information about Canada Post’s carbon-neutral shipping, click here.
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